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"Garvan Rushe ist mehr als nur ein Guide - er liebt und lebt Irland wie kein Zweiter, was jede seiner Touren zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis macht."

Eric Mühle, Gymnasium Fabritianum, Krefeld

"If you want to make a class outing unforgettable - just book Garvan!
He is the best guide for any student age group.
Irish history, Irish pride, Irish music, Irish literature -
everything becomes so authentic and full of life
because of his special way of presenting things.
And even in case of having problems caused by
your travel agency at home - Garvan will help you
on the spot."
 - Ulrike W., grammar school in Germany

Are you bringing students to Dublin as part of a school trip to practice their English?

Are you looking for a walking tour of Dublin in English?

Are you looking for a guide who's a native speaker yet very easy to understand?

Are you looking for a guide who's young, energetic, enthusiastic, yet professional and knowledgeable?

You're very picky, aren't you!

But, you should be. Don't settle for another run-of-the-mill veteran guide who heaves dates and figures at you as if they're free sandwiches; the kind of guide that will bore your students from the beginning with just information.

With Garvan as your group’s personal guide you don’t simply get another feature of your trip. You get so much more than just another ‘tour guide’. You’ll benefit from:
  • A knowledgeable, experienced, professional guide
  • An entertaining, young, enthusiastic and energising guide
  • An understandable English-speaking guide (and one who can explore with your group the differences in English dialects)
  • Someone who can make your group passionate about Dublin and Ireland, as well as interested and involved.
  • And maintain their interest.
  • And increase their fascination.
  • And make the trip one that they’ll never forget.

Make it the best trip ever by ensuring the best guide for your students.

Send a quick email right now to enquire if Garvan is available for your next trip to Dublin.

And save money!

Don’t go through several tour operators and agencies. Contact Garvan directly!

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