Types of Tours

Fantastic Walking tour of Dublin!
Come and see the Fair City!

Welcome to the great old city of Dublin! Now, this is the tour for seeing Dublin. If you only do one touristy activity in Dublin, make it the Fantastic Walking Tour of Dublin.

So what’s so fantastic about the ‘Fantastic Walking Tour of Dublin’?
It’s simply not a normal walking tour…

We’ll hobble along the cobbles of Temple Bar & Trinity College catching the cadences of Irish accents cascading through the streets. Stand by the River Liffey and tilt your nose to inhale the hops wafting from the Guinness Brewery. Marvel at the fascinating Irish (Gaelic) language.

Can you see it with your mind’s eye?

In the courtyard of Dublin Castle, our footfalls will echo through the castle’s 800-year history. At the GPO on O’Connell Street, the crowds gathered for the Declaration of Irish Independence & the passions of poets and Irish freedom fighters throughout the centuries were born anew.

Can you feel it?

On this 3hr walking tour of the city centre, you'll discover the main sites, become immersed in the history, and experience the life, songs and stories of Ireland's capital city.

Welcome to Dublin!

See all these fantastic sites!
The bohemian Temple Bar quarter
The oasis that is the serene campus of Trinity College
Dublin Castle
City Hall
Christchurch Cathedral
Ha’penny Bridge
The Spire
James Joyce statue
O’Connell Statue
the impressive Old Parliament building

Only €8 per person!*
Want to experience the ‘Fantastic Walking tour of Dublin!’?
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Pub Crawl
Savour the sweet tastes of The Capital

Pubs! That's one of the main reasons people visit Dublin.

Many visitors to Dublin quickly grow weary of the artificial 'Dublin pubs' to be found in Temple Bar. There, you will find one particular element lacking: actual Dubliners!

On this tour, I'll be bringing you to some of the best pubs in Dublin; pubs that you can't find on your own; pubs that you could happily spend years frequenting.

The pubs we'll experience will be of many different varieties:
Pubs with rare Irish beers, some of which are unavailable outside Ireland, others are unavailable outside the pub;
Pubs with authentic traditional Irish music;
Pubs that epitomise James Joyce's Dublin;
and just pubs where you can get a great Guinness.

I don’t want you to arrive hungry, only thirsty! 

We'll stay and have a drink in no fewer than 5 pubs.

Learn the secrets of Guinness connoisseurs - how to ensure you get a flawlessly poured Guinness. I'll tell ya what makes an Irish pub unique. You'll hear of Brendan Behan and his legendary reputation, as well as drink in exactly the same pub in which he often drank.

Prepare to become a Dubliner!

Only €7 per person!*
Want to experience the ‘Pub Crawl’?
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The Black Tale Tour
The history of Dublin is as dark as Guinness itself.

Meet your tour guide - John Brien, a worker at the Guinness Brewery. The year is 1911. The city is alive with horses and carts, shoeless newspaper boys, screeching rusty wheels, determined street performers and balladeers.

From the mid-1990s until 2007, Dublin knew good times. Before then, there were mostly bad times! Horrendous times! Whiskey and spirit-drinking cursed the nation. This was a Dublin where 50 people shared a toilet and 1/3 of Dublin families lived in a single room. A Dublin where well of over a thousand prostitutes loitered the streets. And right beside one of the gates to the ancient city was an abandoned brewery which a man called Arthur Guinness purchased in 1759.

And the tale of that Dublin is blacker still!

Join John Brien on his way to work from St. Patrick's Cathedral, through the Liberties, to the brewery itself. Listen to him retell of the Dublin you never knew existed:

The characters, like Zozimus, the blind balladeer who was as much a part of Dublin as the river Liffey.
The myths and facts of Guinness
The rebellions and the loyalists
The fires and the waters
The perpetual poverty and the fleeting wealth
The hunger and the drunkenness
The piety and the prostitution
The contradictions of Dublin life were as plain to be seen in front of your eyes as the white and the black of a pint of Irish stout.

Welcome to auld Dublin!

Tour finishes at Guinness Storehouse

Starts at St. Patrick’s Cathedral (entrance to park, Patrick St)

Only €13 per person!
Want to experience the ‘Black Tale’?
DEPARTS EVERY : Tue 8.00pm | Wed 8.00pm (May 8th -  31st October '13)
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(Nearly!) All of Dublin City in less than 5hrs!
For those lacking in time, but not in enthusiasm

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an Ernest Shackleton, then you'll truly love, this EXPLORATION of Dublin city.

We'll do a nice loop of the city centre, taking in every main site (as well as many minor ones)in Dublin.

Naturally, we'll pick up some grub along the way and, depending on your tastes, habits or appetites, we'll finish in a pub!

As well as (nearly) all the sites, I'll inform you of the legacy of Dublin and Ireland, aiming to complete your understanding of Irish history and Irish culture, and, of course, we'll have great 'craic'(fun, laughs) along the way.

I take pride in my tours. My goal is to ensure that during the tour, you will acquire a knowledge and wisdom unmatched even by most Irish people, as well as a fascination with the people and the city that can't be simply picked off the street or from a book!!

See all these fantastic sites!
Temple Bar - the bohemian cultural quarter
Trinity College - the oasis in the heart of Dublin City
Dublin Castle –
City Hall – one of the finest examples of Dublin’s 18th-century architecture
Christchurch or St. Patrick's Cathedral
Ha’penny Bridge – famous icon of Dublin
The GPO – the heart of the 1916 Rising
James Joyce statue
Daniel O'Connell Statue
Old Parliament Building
Georgian Dublin – one section of the city preserved in its glory for 200 years
Leinster House – the seat of the Irish Parliament
National Gallery
The Spire – the trophy of our Celtic Tiger
The Quays
St. Stephen's Green

Only €13 per person!*
Want to experience ‘(Nearly!) All of Dublin City in less than 5hrs!’?
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Other types of tours:

Day Walking Tours
1.     Fantastic Walking tour of Dublin
2.    Georgian Dublin
3.    Castle and Cathedrals Tour
4.    Irish Independence Tour
5.    Songs and Stories of Ireland
6.    Ireland's Golden Age - Ireland didn't have the Dark Age!

Evening Walking Tours:
1.     Northside Haunted Tour
2.    Southside Haunted Tour
3.    Literary/Musical Pub Crawl
4.    Special Irish Beers Pub Crawl

1.     Howth
2.    Mount Jerome Cemetery – Dublin’s Pere Lachaise.

Bus Tours:
1.     Boyne Valley Tour
2.    Wicklow Tour

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 *Price per person applies only to groups of thirteen people or more. For groups of twelve or less, the tour prices are as follows: ‘Fantastic Walking Tour of Dublin’ - €99; ‘(Nearly!) All of Dublin City in less than 5hrs!’ - €160; ‘Pub Crawl’ - €90. Child discounts are available.