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Young, energetic, but most importantly, knowledgeable and entertaining, Garvan offers some of the greatest walking tours in Dublin, delivered with as much passion as good cheer. Having over 200 tours under his belt, he knows all the main sites and most of the hidden ones ;)

History told in actions
Garvan offers tours of Dublin city that will leave you as informed as a Dubliner and as inspired an Irish poet. Not simply sightseeing tours, Garvan’s tours, with a huge mixture of succinct historical and social summaries, Irish wit, epic prose, funny observations, theatrical performance, and usually a song and poem thrown in for good measure, are perfect for groups, especially school groups. With a very easy to understand, soft, light Donegal accent, Garvan and his words pose little trouble to those coming from non-English-speaking countries.

With a degree in Medieval Irish and Celtic Studies, his background is deeply historical, but his personality and style is deeply passionate, engaging, entertaining, funny and high-spirited, with a bit of the theatrical occasionally thrown in for good measure!

In front of Christchurch Cathedral
Tours range from the standard Dublin City Tour (which is well above the standard!) to haunted tours(!), tours focusing on literary and musical aspects (including treats such as the great singing of ballads and reciting of poetry), rich Irish Mythology and stories, the Irish language, the fighting Irish, and the legacy the Irish people have left to the world.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Dublin or if you’re here already, just give him a quick email or call and he’ll be delighted to show you about the place. See you in a few hours!

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I always make sure my tours are EPIC!

Contact to arrange a tour garvan.rushe at or Skype me. Prices will depend on size of group