Friday, October 1, 2010

Sinn Féin, the IRA and fighting for....??

I used to think that fighting for a united Ireland was a commendable effort. That is until I looked at what they were fighting for. Look at the Republic. Look at everything that’s wrong with it. Why would you want to join the North to it? Shouldn't you be fixing the problems of The Republic, or at least preserving it? Where the hell were Sinn Féin and the IRA when the Irish government was building a road through the sacred site of Tara? Where were they at Rossport? They attack innocent police officers in the North and they don’t attack the rich and corrupt men and women in Dublin for their betrayal of this country.
 They don’t protect this country from what can really hurt it – the government. Arguably, if a British government were installed at Leinster House, they couldn’t do more damage to the country than our Irish government. Firstly, they’d be more competent (it’s hard to imagine a less competent government), and secondly, the people of Ireland would recognise them as foreign rulers and therefore, due to suspicion, would not let them away with anything. People seem to think, be it sub-conscious or un-consciously, that an Irish government instinctively protects Ireland. No. Politicians are politicians no matter what their nationality. They only serve no.1.
 Who the hell is standing up for us? Who will protect us from the Irish government? The socialists? The EU? Hardly. No one will. Something needs to change, and change drastically!
I think we must keep the North away from the Irish government. Look at all that has been preserved there, and all that has been destroyed here.

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