Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Things I didn’t know about France and the French people

  1. Most things are closed on Mondays
  2. They love comics
  3. Culture and tradition over innovation and convenience, which means you can only buy your shopping at certain, in my opinion, tight, hours and never just at one place.
  4. They pay for everything, from setting up a bank account to insuring a rented property
  5. Even though they produce a lot of cheese, it’s still damn expensive
  6. Having a drink at the pub is pretty much the same as having a coffee at a restaurant. In other words, they don’t have a laugh and become merry to let off steam while drinking.
  7. Clothes are expensive. In contrast, the clothes we buy in Ireland are so cheap that I can only assume thousands of people in some far away country are getting paid next to nothing to manufacture them.
  8. Get-togethers and private parties/meals are nearly a weekly occurrence for the French. I like this.
  9. Most of the showers do not have ‘showerhead holder’ fittings as standard! Only one free hand in the shower which means longer showers.
  10. They think ‘Anglo-Saxon’ refers to the English speaking world rather than simply the English people and culture.

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